As with many people, work is a big part of my life. While my work consists primarily of audio and radio engineering, I have other interests as well. Hobbies are important to provide diversion and relaxation.

My primary hobby is trains -- both real and model. This section of my web site features various aspects of my hobbies.

In the area of real trains, my primary interest is in the Reading (pronounced "red-ding") Railroad. Many people are at least familiar with the name of this railroad from the table game Monopoly, but it was a real railroad. The closest railroad to where I grew up in Pennsylvania was the Reading, with the main line from Reading to Philadephia in Pottstown, and a small branch in nearby Boyertown.

The branch in Boyertown, originally known as the Colebrookdale Railroad and later as the Colebrookdale Branch of the Reading, is of special interest. I can remember seeing activity on this branch as a child, and in more recent years have become even more keenly aware of its importance to the towns of the area. I am looking for any historical information or photographs of this branch, from its origination in the 1860's until its recent abandonment in 2008. Recognizing that the history of an area (especially the business history) and its railroad are intertwined, anything relating to business of the area is appreciated as well. Specific towns or stations along the way are Pottstown, Glascow (Glascow Iron Works of Pennsylvania), Pine Forge, Colebrookdale, Boyertown, New Berlinville, Bechtelsville, Eschbach, and Barto. If you have any photos or historical information you would like to share, please feel free to contact me at

Another very special railroad interest is the inspection locomotive Black Diamond. I have done quite a bit of research on the history of this unique piece of railroad equipment. Click on the photo to the left the see the results of this research. I would like to thank the Museum of Transport, St. Louis, MO, and Mr. Nick Ohlman of their archives for allowing me access to their archives and permission to reproduce some of those documents on this web site.