This page contains several presentations made by Gordon Carter. The paper (first item) contains more detailed information than what is provided in the Presentation of the same name.

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When viewing the presentations it is suggested that you click on the Slide Show area at the lower right portion of the screen and then use your mouse to advance through the presentation. This will yield the best results for viewing animations in the slides. Also, please note that the backgrounds may not line up properly in some presentations.

Paper:              Audio Levels for Radio Production

Presentation:   Audio Levels for Radio Production (shortened version presented at PREC, 2006)

Presentation:   Audio Levels in the Digital Age (presented at Madison Broadcasters' Clinic, October 24, 2006)

Presentation:   TSI: Trouble Shooting Investigation (presentend at Madison Broadcasters' Clinic, October 15, 2008)

Presentation:   Audio Processing (presentend at PREC, April 8, 2010)